Antique Silver

Top-Quality Antique Silver For Sale At Carse Antiques

Carse Antiques is delighted to offer a diverse range of state of the art antique sterling silver. Bring a bit of sparkle into your life with our charming collection of quality pieces that are sure to become a mainstay in your home for years to come.

Solid silver has been a popular material for various purposes throughout every time period. Characteristically ornate and striking, antique silverware is a timeless and classy addition to any collection or interior. 

What makes it all the more exciting is that the distinctive style of each era is often reflected in silver work. From art-deco to art nouveau to Edwardian, Georgian and Victorian silver, the pieces have a way of capturing the quintessential essence of that period. This means that at Carse Antiques, we have a style to suit everyone.

Why antique silver?

Highly attractive and elaborate, you’d be hard-pressed to find something quite as impactful as an antique silver piece.

You don’t have to be a collector of maker's marks or an expert to appreciate a silver piece’s ornate beauty. They can be used as a one-off statement piece, or as part of a wider collection. No matter who you are, it is easy to appreciate the majesty of a piece that shines so brightly.

Silverware has become somewhat of a portal to the past. As the styles and methods of work changed and evolved over the decades, so did the aesthetics and effect of the silver being produced. 

Now in the 21st century, investing in antique silverware is like owning a little bit of history. Highly collectable and decorative, each piece tells a unique story of a time gone by.

Quality pieces for your perusal

At Carse Antiques, we are proud to carry a number of rare and interesting pieces available to buy.

Our pieces range from silver plates, cutlery and silver tankards to pocket watches, baskets and cigarette boxes. We offer Scottish, Irish and English silver, as well as some internationally made pieces.

All of our silverware is hand-picked and evaluated by Andrew Stephens, who has earned the reputation as one of Scotland’s most well respected antique dealers and restorers. 

Starting your collection

If you are looking to start a collection, Carse Antiques offers a wide range of rare items that can be added to. 

For example, antique silver spoons are a popular starter collection because they are easily arranged into a gorgeous and impressive display. Spoons are also widely available, and you might pick them up in unlikely places. They come in an array of shapes, sizes and functionalities so that you can accumulate a varied number of diverse pieces, from antique ladles and dessert spoons to teaspoons and soup spoons.

We have a number of stunning spoons and sets available on our website and at our shop. If there is another collection you have or are considering starting, please let us know, and we can see what we can do to help.

Come and visit us

As with many high-quality ornamental pieces, they should be seen in person to appreciate them to their fullest.

To experience our entire collection, you are welcome to visit our premier antique shop. Located at the famous Rait Antique Centre in Perthshire, we will be glad to help you find the perfect piece for you.