Antique Silver


We are thrilled to present a diverse and exquisite range of antique sterling silver for sale in the UK. Our collection is a treasure trove of quality pieces, each with the potential to become a cherished addition to your home or collection. 

Why buy antique silver? 

Silver has long been cherished for its beauty and versatility, gracing tables and homes through various time periods.  

Our collection showcases the allure of antique silverware, each piece a testament to the ornate and striking designs of its era. From the bold lines of Art Deco to the intricate patterns of Victorian silver, our range captures the essence of history in every item. 

Whether you're a seasoned collector or simply someone who appreciates the ornate beauty of these pieces, our antique silver collection offers something for everyone. Each item in our collection is a unique reflection of history, offering a journey into times past. 


Quality antique silver for every collector 

As reputable antique silver dealers in the UK, we take pride in our selection of rare and fascinating items available for sale.  

Our range includes antique silver spoons, bowls, tankards, pocket watches, baskets, and cigarette boxes. We also have a fine selection of beautiful Silver-Plated objects, ranging from exquisite Victorian Candlesticks to Late Georgian Coffee Pots. 

Antique silver spoons for sale 

Looking to start a collection? Antique silver spoons are a popular choice, perfect for creating an impressive display.  

We offer a variety of silver spoons and sets for sale, each with its own unique appeal. Beyond spoons, our collection extends to other items, such as plates, trays, bowls, and more, ensuring a rich and varied choice for every collector. 

Expertise in every selection 

Every piece of antique silver for sale at Carse Antiques has been hand-picked and evaluated by Andrew Stephens, one of Scotland’s most respected antique dealers and restorers.  

All items can be conveniently ordered online via secure check-out and PayPal. We can also accept payments made via phone or bank transfer, with full details provided on the order form. 

If you should have any questions, please contact our store directly.