Antique Treen

Antique Treen

Antique Treen for Sale at Carse Antiques

If you're looking for interesting and unique Treen and other wooden household objects, you've come to the right place. Here, we have a fantastic array of intriguing items sure to liven up any home or collection. 

What is Treen?

The word 'Treen' is an old term meaning 'of a tree'. Before the late 17th century, when silver, pewter and ceramics were used to make the majority of household objects, wood was the material of choice. Everything we might now expect to be made of metal, plastic or glass, such as boxes, cutlery, and vases, were once commonly made from carved wood.

Frequently seen amongst these carved household objects are items such as:

  • Snuff boxes
  • Bowls and other kitchenware
  • Vases
  • Mirrors
  • Boxes
  • Decorative items.

Collectively, these wooden pieces are known as Treen.

However, Treen isn't regarded as ornamental, and its popularity comes not from its decorative merits but from their intricate craftsmanship coupled with functionality. One of the most interesting elements of the pieces is that they are always made with a certain purpose in mind.

The history of Treen materials

Wood was used in abundance at that time, as it was cheap and readily available. No specific wood was required for these items, and so many different types were used in carving Treen. This means that today it's often difficult to pinpoint exactly which wood material has been used in our antiques; indeed, most pieces tend to be carved from several different pieces of turned wood. Treen is also frequently difficult to date, as certain designs were used over such long periods of time.

The wealthier members of English society would have had items custom made from imported wood, such as lignum vitae. However, Treen was never quite as in-demand amongst the English elite as it was in other European countries. So the most impressive pieces often originate from Western Europe, such as France and Italy.

Due to their intricate, attractive and functional nature, these items are highly collectable. The most desirable features that signify a quality piece are intense colour and patination.

Rare and unique pieces that will brighten up your home

Every Treen and woodenware piece has been carefully quality checked and selected by our antique expert, Andrew Stephens. We only carry the most interesting and high-quality antiques that are sure to thrill anyone from the most avid collector to the curious enthusiast. 

Each item has a rich history and a story to tell. If you are enamoured with the charm of these items or looking for something in particular, don't hesitate to contact us today and assist you further.

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