Antique Ceramics & Pottery

Antique Ceramics & Pottery

Each item, handpicked and currently showcased in our stock, embodies the exquisite craftsmanship and timeless beauty of historical periods. Our selection ranges from the detailed elegance of antique Chinese ceramics to the classic appeal of vintage pottery, promising a captivating experience for both collectors and aficionados of ceramic art. 

Antique Chinese ceramic 

Our collection of antique Chinese ceramic pieces is a highlight, showcasing the depth and diversity of Chinese artistic heritage. These pieces, revered for their detailed artwork and historical significance, bring an exotic and sophisticated touch to any collection. 

Vintage pottery 

Alongside our Chinese ceramics, our vintage pottery selection offers a range of styles and forms. Each item in this category combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, making them perfect for both practical use and as decorative accents in your home. 

Easy and secure shopping experience 

All items listed can be conveniently ordered and paid for directly from our website using a secure payment system, including PayPal.  

We also accept phone payments using all major credit cards, including Amex, at 01821 670770. Additionally, payments via bank transfer are available, with details provided on the order form. 

Explore our collection of antique ceramics at Carse Antiques today and find a historical treasure for your home. Our selection includes intricately patterned Chinese ceramics and classic vintage pottery, each piece offering its own unique story and aesthetic charm.